Mary Anoints Jesus (Lent 5)

This Sunday our lesson was the story from John 12: 1-8 when Jesus visits Mary and Martha and Mary anoints Jesus’s feet with a bottle of expensive perfume. 2016-03-13 09.45.34

I taught the 2- Pre-K class combined with the K-1 class this week, so I needed an activity to engage a broad age range. After reading the story, we talked about different ways we could show love for Jesus, then used the following printable as a craft.

Mary Annoints Jesus

I printed a page for each student, and had the cut across the dotted line (which even my littlest could do!). Then, they colored the perfume bottle and cut it out, or I cut it for them.2016-03-13 09.46.38

While that was going on, I called kiddos over individually to smell four different bottles of essential oil I brought with me, to give them a better idea/picture of the “perfume” Mary used. I brought Lemon, Thieves, Lavender, and Peppermint. After they smelled, I let them choose one and placed one drop of their choice on the paper perfume bottle. Then we connected the bottle to the feet by lining up the circles and placing a brad, so they could pretend to anoint the feet with oil.

Download the printable here: Mary Anoints Jesus

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